I just replied to someone’s message about just this advice! So I’ll steal from that response. Even though I am an extrovert, I definitely feel like I’ve become more introverted as I’ve gotten older. Part of it is prioritizing and protecting the time I spend with others when I have a family and my own company to run. But I personally think that introverts can have just as many connections as an extrovert. It just means doing more one-on-one meetings and coffees with people strategically and thoughtfully. These are far more efficient and better quality ways of building relationships than going to conferences or large social gatherings. Those tend to lead to a lot of small talk and superficial connections. The relationships you build via one-on-ones will lead to more introductions and referrals to others and your network will grow from there. Writing is another way an introvert can gain access to new nodes in the network that they didn’t have before. Since I’ve started writing, many people have reached out me. When you write and create valuable insights, others will reach out to you to connect as well. It tends to get a lot noisier and you’ll have to filter through the quality, but it’s a luxury to be able to do that. Writing is a way for you to amplify your audience without requiring the energy to meet with many people. Hopefully this is helpful!

Co-founder @ Pared. Lead @ Hyphen Capital. Proud Taiwanese-American dad. Passionate about marketplaces and communities.

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