Photo Credit: Mark Young

This is Why We Fight

Today, I received this message on LinkedIn from someone I didn’t know. It almost brought me to tears given the emotional roller coaster of this week. Reading these words gives me and many others strength and motivation to keep up the fight. It reminds me that the work we are doing is making a difference. Marching and fighting for Asian lives or Black lives and equality may sometimes feel pointless to some. But we cannot let those who are ignorant make us feel less than or foreign, because then they win. When they say hateful things like “Go back to your country!”, we will respond with strength and remind them that “This is our country.” There are more of us real Americans who believe that ALL men and women are created equal, than there are who believe that Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness only belongs to some. Thank you Zoey from everyone who chooses to take a stand that others are watching and taking note.

Co-founder @ Pared. Managing Partner @ Hyphen Capital. Proud Taiwanese-American dad. Passionate about marketplaces and communities.

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